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Can You Fall In Love At Fifty Or Older?

Can you really fall in love when you are over fifty? If you can, then how different is it from when you were younger?

Yes, it is possible to fall in love when you are older. The chemicals that appear in the brain, that create fondness and passion, remain constant throughout life up to quite an old age.
The sexual urges that are associated with falling in love do reduce a little as we age, but still quite strong with people in their fifties.

Falling in love is something we do almost involuntary and love can come and find you at any time and at any age.

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How Different is Falling in Love When You're Older?

As we get into our fifties the way we have lived our life so far will affect how we like and react to people. When we were younger the main thing that interested us was, where they cool and what was the sex going to be like.

The fact that we have most likely had at least one relationship by the time we get to fifty. How that went will strongly affect how we behave in meeting someone new.

If the previous partner had sadly passed away for some reason or another, the newly widowed person will more than likely retain some love for the one who has passed. So, this widower will often be looking for a new relationship with someone with similar characteristics to their deceased partner.

On the other hand, if someone recently finished a bad relationship with someone who was not good to them they will more than likely be looking for someone who is the entire opposite.

All this and the baggage we all carry will affect how we see potentially new partners and whether we are likely to give them a chance, before falling in love with them.

At the end of the day we often fall for the most unlikely people and this is true at any age.

Now I Am Older How Can I Be Sure It's Love?

How can you be sure you are in love with them and how can you be sure they are in love with you? Probably, one of the most sort after answers to question at any age, let alone when you get older. The problem is, there is no real way to tell whether love is real, except by the passing of time.

Are you getting butterflies when they call; are they the most beautiful person in the world; do you want to have sex with them all night long? Well, this is most likely love, or the first rush of it, no matter whether you are 20 or 50 years old.

The odd thing is that even after only a couple of weeks of this type of love, is coming to an end is really painful. A feeling akin to bereavement.

This first flush of love lasts with most of us for a few months, but slowly the urge for sex gets less and hopefully, your lover becomes your best friend. They still look pretty hot and you enjoy cuddling as you want the TV together. You might have the occasional quarrel. You have your life and they have theirs, but you are always pleased to see them and they are pleased to see you.
Sounds Like Love To Me!!!

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Is Sex An Important Part Of Falling In Love When You're Over Fifty?

Sex is always an important part of a relationship and this no different if you are in your fifties or older. At the beginning of the relationship is when most people have sex with their newly found partner. As the relationship blossoms, we stop having simply sex and start making love.

The physical gratification from having sex moves over to a more embracing and cuddling during the sexual activity and many people's sex is enjoyed much better this way.

This embracing and exclusive sexual activity is a critical part of a long-term loving relationship and is extremely important even as we get older.

Does Who We Find Attractive To Fall In Love With Change With Age?

What we find sexually attractive probably doesn't change much as we age. The reason for this we don't perceive ourselves the real age we are. So men and women in the fifties will often have a mental age of around twenty-one.

Men in their fifties will often find slim women with big breasts aged around 30 very sexually provocative. Whereas women in their fifties will get hot under the collar at the site of a young man with a muscular body. Most of us have common sense and realise that these are just sexual fantasies and to have a successful relationship they have to fancy us too.

Therefore there is a sort of balancing act that goes on where we look for someone where it will mutually work for a relationship. We are all totally different, thank goodness, in who we find attractive in the opposite sex.

After a while of meeting people, we eventually discover that person we can find love with. They are likely to be older too and realise that it is not all about ultimate sexual attraction. They might like dressing up at bedtime though if you are lucky.

Does What We are Looking For in a Loving Partner Change With Age?

As we get older we certainly have different ideas of the type of partner we are looking for. We will be affected by previous relationships and experiences. We will have learned a few life lessons on what is good and bad in a potential partner.

Although sex is still important to a person in their fifties when looking for a relationship, it is now long the main player when deciding to turn things into a long-term relationship.

Position, status, and attitudes start to take a more important role in choosing a potential lover. If a person; has a high-level job and the other is out of work; believes strongly about saving the planet and the other doesn't care; a person enjoys keeping fit and the other is over-weight and unenergetic. These subjects would far less likely to worry a much younger person.

The financial and property situation plays a large part in whether an older person decides to fall in love with another. Fear of losing their house if the relationship fails for an example. Also, one person might be used to eating caviar and champagne and the other can just about afford a bag of chips.

There are exceptions to the rule, like the movie Pretty Women", but most people like to stay in their own age, social and economic groups.

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